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Are you contacting us to do work for your company?

Awesome. We love teaming up with exciting brands of all sizes. Give us an idea of what you're looking to have done, even if it's super vague. Trust us, we built a company around the words "I don't know what the story is about, but it needs a pocket watch."

Are you looking to join our roster?

We're always looking for more freelance crew, cast, etc. Send over your reel or portfolio, resume, and your union status.

Are you submitting a script?

We're not currently accepting new scripts since we have a huge stack of them we've got to get through first. We won't be able to read any submissions, but reach out and introduce yourself instead!

Looking to sponsor a Watchworks project?

You're just in time. We have some kickass projects on the way, including a web series, short films, and a TV pilot. We definitely have some room for some tasteful product placement if that's your jam.

Already have funding for your project?

We get it. Producing can be a ridiculous amount of work. You might have the funds but you're lacking the resources. We team up with other producers/production companies to bring their vision to life all the time. Most recently, we worked with David Levine Productions to bring their web series Hartley's Fall to life, and we had a great time doing it. Send us your pitch and let's see if it's a good match.

We know you want updates. We've got you.
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