Watchworks Studios is an unapologetically eccentric production company that constantly pushes its limits to make punchy, colorful, and exciting videos and films.

Watch our reel and see for yourself.


Watchworks Studios was founded in 2011, starting with ambitious goals. Equipped only with a camera and a dedicated crew, founder Chris Steinberger created the company's award winning first short film, Pendulum.


But Watchworks set its sights higher with a crowdfunded tech thriller feature film entitled IRIS. With countless locations, dozens of cast, and the help of over two hundred crew members and supporters, Watchworks Studios debuted Iris in 2016.

With the studio's first massive undertaking complete, Chris and the team branched out. Here are the highlights:

  • The team relocated from Syracuse to New York City. Less snow, higher rent, but hey, it's a tradeoff.

  • We produced 36 episodes of a cult comic book web show called Meanwhile.

  • Watchworks Studios co-produced Nathan Faudree's (Kottentail, The Furies) debut feature film Site 13.

  • Chris and Watchworks created work for brands like Walmart, Orange Theory, and Corcoran.

What's now and what's next?

There is a stack of scripts on our desks and we have every intention of bringing them to the screen, including shorts, features, and television pilots. To follow our progress, check us out on Instagram: @WatchworksStudios

Along the way, we're bringing our punchy style to brands that we believe in. You can keep up with our commercial work on our blog and our second YouTube channel, Watchworks Adverts.

On the top of our list is making IRIS publicly available to watch. Meanwhile is also coming back for season two in some form or another (so many ideas floating around). 


More than anything, we're dedicated to sharing the work we create, so look forward to a lot more videos coming your way.

We know you want updates. We've got you.
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